Fire Risk Assessments for Schools

What are Fire Risk Assessment Surveys?

All schools, trusts, colleges and academies must perform fire risks assessment surveys to keep their pupils, staff and visitors safe. The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 states that assessments must be carried out regularly to mitigate the risks of fire and identify persons at risk. You must also document the findings in writing.

Our specialist assessors can perform this important requirement on your behalf. We accurately assess all fire risks across your estate and provide the clear and easy-to-apply steps you can take to keep your buildings compliant and safe.

What do our Fire Risk Assessments Cover?

At Eddisons Education, we work with all kinds of educational establishments across the UK, from village primary schools to sprawling university campuses, and have a specific understanding of the risks you face.

When conducting our fire risk assessments, we assess your buildings against the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 and check every aspect of your compliance, including:

  • Fire evacuation procedures, routes and signage (including those for vulnerable people)
  • Existing fire detection and warning systems
  • Emergency lighting and records of testing and operation
  • Firefighting equipment and safety systems
  • Fire compartmentation
  • Fire exists, obstructions and their operation
  • The use of fire assembly points and their location
  • The removal and safe storage of hazardous materials
  • Fire safety training for your staff
  • The suitable occupation and use of your building

Once we’ve completed our assessment, we’ll produce a written report that summarises our findings and includes clear recommendations for improvements with suitable timelines.

When Should You Conduct a Fire Risk Assessment?

There’s no set timeline for when you should conduct fire risk assessments in schools. The guidance says you should review them regularly. However, it’s best practice to carry out a fire risk assessment at least once a year or when there’s a significant change in the environment.

Examples of changes that might affect your fire safety precautions include an increase in the use of hazardous substances, the presence of people with disabilities, substantial changes to the layout of classrooms or the failure of any of your fire equipment.

How Can We Help?

Our team have assisted with the completion fire risk assessments in schools, colleges and universities across the UK. Following an inspection, we create clear and actionable reports that are easy to read and tailored to meet the specific needs of your school.

With over 25 years of experience in the sector, we understand the specific challenges you face, from minimising disruption during term time to risks such as evacuating large volumes of young children through multiple exits. This is reflected in our best practice guidelines in a way that’s appropriate to your buildings.

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